The Unique site is trawled by the media for articles on property matters, that means your property could be featured, either in a magazine, newspaper, or on tv. I simply dont keep a list of all the companies, magazines, and news outlets that report on the content of the Unique site. Most magazines, and newspapers just pinch content for reviews and comment or features. I dont necessarily get to hear about it, but here are a few of the media outlets that I know about who have featured our content.

The Unique Property site has been featured in the following media:

Real Money; Sunday Times; Island Life (Mallorca); Business Life; Italian Vogue; Citrus Publishing; Evening Standard; The Sun; The Daily Mirror; Homes & Gardens, Money Magazine; FDH; Financial Times; The Independent; The Daily Express; The Daily Mail; Mortgage Advisor; Homebuyer; Barclays Bank house magazine; Illustrated London News; The Independent on Sunday; The Globe and Mail (Toronto); Wired Magazine; Økonmisk Rapport; Period House; Grand Designs Magazine; Daily Telegraph; Sugar (for teenage girls....dont ask); Caris (same readership!?); Move to the Country; Mortgage Strategy; Le Grand Mag; Sunday Express; Toro (Canada); RSVP (Japan); My property Review (Queensland, Oz); Homes; Icon Magazine; Living Abroad Magazine; Live the Dream (ITV3); Mail on Sunday; Good Homes; and many many more.....

BBC t.v. Countryfile; Changing Rooms (BBC1); BBC DesignER; Virgin; BBC Wrong House, Right House; Channel 4 Richard & Judy; Our House (Carlton); Property Ladder (numerous references); No Going Back (Channel 4); Phenominal Homes (Homes and Gardens channel TV [In the US]); Everything Must Go (ITV); Build a New Life (Channel 5); Moving Day (ITV1); Place in the Sun (Channel 4); Amazing Vacation Homes (The Travel Channel {US}); Unbelievable (Fuji TV - Japan); Southern Star (Australia) The Discovery Channel); Worlds Most Extreme Homes (HGTV - US); Homes & Property; Overseas Property TV - Sky 287; A Place by the Sea (Channel 4); Castle in the Country (BBC2); Homes Live BBC1; Location, Location (Channel 4); House Wrecks to Riches (Discovery Channel); Build a New Life (Channel 5); To Buy or Not to Buy (BBC1); and more.....

Radio 5; Unusual Homes (BBC Somerset); 

TV Production companies:
Endomol (Producer's of Big Brother, etc); Two-Four Studios (BBC, Descovery, Channel 4, Carlton; Hallmark Projects; Ricochet South; Shine Ltd; Mike Mathis Productions (Los Angeles); Telesearch (Japan); Tiger Aspect Productions; Talkback Thames; Pioneer tv;  Pioneer Productions; Rapid Broadcast; Eye Film & TV; Menthol TV; Celador; Shiver Productions;