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A New Decade, or a Repeat of the Old?

Time for my annual round-up of real estate thoughts.
This has been the worst decade I can remember for trying to work out where we are headed.

Without really looking, we currently have:
1  the US-China trade war which spills over to the rest of world trade
2  the Middle East still in chaos
3  problems on the EU borders
4  the EU lurching from one cock-up to the next
5  Brexit
6  Down Under the Aussie banking and property crisis gradually gets worse
7  China is still making threatening noises to anyone who upsets their aggressive foreign policy
8  The USA is beginning to realise that it can be a game of diminishing returns, and exponential costs to carry on being the world's policeman. Trump shouts at those who threaten the US in any way, and at the same time he is intent on backing off from the unenviable roll as ultimate arbiter on the planet.

There is one thing we can be certain of: The old order is on the cusp of a great change.
And if we break down the EU problems (which is where most of my readers live, although I do have readers in over 70 countries), I am surprised there is anyone keen to stay in the EU.

1  The banking system is in such a state that there are still a dozen major banks either down-right bust or teetering on the edge, even such stalwarts as Deutsche Bank. Has anyone checked the share price recently?
2  Italy's banking system is wrecked, as is their economy; and nobody there appears to be happy.
3  France is a deeply split country
4  Greece has gone beyond repair unless something changes drastically
5  Almost every country in the EU is in recession, or downright depression. Even Germany only manages to stay out of recession because the figures are massaged.

What does this augur for real estate?
The obvious warning is to continue to stay well clear of real estate in Australia. That market has some way still to fall.
I am wary of the property boom in Germany, and I am still holding to my view that I would rather keep my powder dry for when the crash really does arrive. And don't ask me when that is going to happen. I was fully prepared for the bomb to drop a couple of years ago. I suspect it's finally going to crash when we have all given up expecting it.
So, at the end of all that, where do we stand?
There's no point in me coming up with thoughts about the coming year when my honest opinion is pretty much the same as any reasonably intelligent person. My views on the real estate markets can be summed up in four simple words: I haven't a clue. Anyone who says anything different is guessing.

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