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After Corona Virus

This week I've taken some excerpts from the Diary of Bill Bonner. Look him up. He's worth following. He is not only a very sane and intelligent commentator, but an interesting guy to follow. He is currently writing in isolation on his ranch in the mountains of Argentina. He quotes from a friend in Buenos Aires.
“Apparently, the murder rate has gone way up… from people being trapped with one another. This quarantine is supposed to save lives. I’m not sure it really does…”
As Bill goes on:
"One person loses his income. He stops paying his rent. His landlord doesn’t get the income so he puts off remodeling a bathroom.
Then, the plumber doesn’t get any money so he puts off buying a new drill. And the hardware store loses income, too. It lays off a couple of minimum-wage shelf stockers.
All up and down Main Street, the getting and spending is coming to a stop."
The real problem here is that whole economies and societies are being put at risk in order to stop deaths from a virulent flu. To quote Bill again:
"Mom & Pop businesses. Big business. High tech. Low tech. Cutting edge. Dull as dirt. Flowers as well as weeds – all of American capitalism is getting shot to bits..."
How do you balance one form of destruction against another? Meanwhile, back to Bill.
"The lockdown may or may not save lives… but it also damages lives.
Millions of people are under house arrest. Income lost. Opportunities missed. Marriages breaking up… new businesses not started.
'You can’t put a price on life,' say the talking heads. But young people are beginning to wonder."
Back in the UK things are not looking good. The lockdown is supposed to at least slow the march of the infection rate, however, as I look at the figures this saturday, I see no slow down at all.
If by the middle of next week there are not signs of a significant slow-down in the infection rate, then this lockout isn't working.
How long can we keep this up? Maybe a further three weeks? After that, there has to be a new approach otherwise we will have massive social unrest.
What puzzles me is the failure to use a palliative which is used in Japan. (Look at their figures, and remember their population is twice the UK's.
Here are the drugs they are using.
We are told that the figures in Japan are much lower than other countries because they are using the combination of hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin (an antibiotic) which can successfully combat COVID-19 in about five days.
Cant the rest of us try using those drugs? It has to be better than destroying the economy and the social fabric of the country.
To save us from the flu we are presented instead with madness and bankruptcy.
What's the cost of a wrecked country set against the cost of a couple of drugs?
And what comes after, when the wrecking finally stops?
Next week I will have a look at what this situation may well do to our near future. Maybe quite a lot.

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