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A look at the Corona pandemic and why conspiracy theories are irrelevant

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Dont You Just Love Conspiracy Theories?

This is a chapter from my latest book: How to Destroy the World, and How to Pay for it

As we now all know this latest virus first hit in Wuhan in China.
There are all sorts of stories about how it started. They range from some kind of jump from one species to humans, possibly through the Chinese habit of eating anything that moves, in this case bats. There are other theories that include it being a virus that was created deliberately.
As with most theories, there is, at the moment, no way of telling which, if any, of these theories is correct. However, we dont need to know which theory is correct, all we need to know is whether we can draw any conclusions from what has happened.
Whatever the original causes, we had a situation in China where an alarming number of people died, some dropping dead in the street. The cause of death was attributed to one of the corona viruses.
The World Health Organisation (WHO) got involved, and the head of that organisation visited the area ostensively to find out what was going on, and what could be done about it.
I wasn't a fly on the wall so I dont know what was said between the WHO and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), but what is clear is that basic facts were hushed up, and valuable time and information were lost due to the secrecy of the CCP.
It is clear that the outbreak could have been contained if proper measures had been taken. That was the time for a lockdown. It didn't happen.
There have been all kinds of recriminations since, and major funders of the WHO have withdrawn their support.
The delays in taking this matter seriously, and releasing information about the virus are largely responsible for the spread of the disease. A delay of months in this matter has been nothing short of catastrophic, and is utterly inexcusable.
However, that delay is probably the main cause for the most interesting and indeed alarming conspiracy theory of them all.
Since I have introduced this as a conspiracy theory, you can take it that my view is based upon conjecture only, however, that isn't the point.
Let me explain.
Let us look at what are indisputable facts.
There is a virus. It has erupted into a pandemic. It has caused indescribable chaos across the whole world. It has brought nations to a halt, and spread economic ruin in a wide swathe across virtually every major nation.
If this whole affair was initiated as a trial run, then that is an interesting conspiracy theory. However, let's leave that aside for the moment.
It's happened. It has shown what can be done to bring down whole civilizations. It is also so easy to achieve and is ridiculously cheap.
If I were a mad scientist I could bring the world to a stop almost without trying.
The really important question is not, when do we get a vaccine, but how do we live with that ghastly knowledge. This ushers in the worst nightmare of chemical warfare.
The most important issue facing us at the moment (the summer of 2020) is not the search for a vaccine, but the search for a way for the world's different communities to achieve a chemical weapons standoff. We need another form of MAD.
For those of a certain age, and of a lousy education, that is an acronym for the concept of Mutually Assured Destruction.
It was a way of coping with the proliferation of nuclear weapons. It consisted of a very simple position:
You nuke us and we'll nuke you. That will be the end of us, but it will also be the end of you, so what will be the point of nuking us?
Tom Lehrer summed up the situation rather neatly in his song Who's Next?

First we got the bomb and that was good
cause we love peace and motherhood
then Russia got the bomb but that's okay
For the balance of power's maintained that way
But who's next?

I shall come back to this situation later in the book, because the current actions of governments have meant they have walked straight into this situation without thinking. In short, the current actions by most governments around the world have made the above-mentioned nightmare a distinct possibility. They may have walked into a trial run, and proved conclusively just what such an attack could do.
There is an added picquancy to the situation in that China appears to be a principle agent in this story.
If we add in the way that the CCP has behaved over the years we would be right to be alarmed. That organisation clearly disrespects principles agreed by almost every other nation on the planet.
In case it isn't already clear, I am saying that the virus itself is no more a threat to the average person than a nasty cold. It is, after all, a form of flu. People die of flu every year, but civilisation does not come to a standstill because of that.
However, what this mess does prove is that it doesn't take much for a malevalent power to over-run the globe.
Now that is significant.
I take it you do see what I mean.
You dont need a conspiracy theory.
Let's add it up.
You dont need an army.
You dont need bombs.
You just need a virus, and someone to carry it around the world.
And it's ridiculously cheap, and you could set it loose anywhere on the planet, then sit back and watch.
It's like someone dragging a rake through an ant hill. Such a simple action, and look at the chaos of ants running round in circles.
You can imagine the perpetrator sitting on the terrace, an iced drink in his hand, and a sweet smile on his face.
Will the world ever be the same again?

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