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Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Anyone with half a brain (that probably cuts out about 80% of the population) can work out that we are in a hopeless mess which is steadily getting worse.

I hasten to add that I am not seeking to take a swipe at any of my readers, but, let me put it like this. 37% of American voters think Biden is doing a great job as president. What can we say about that vast swathe of humanity that thinks someone with advanced alzheimer's can effectively govern a country? And how can the USA not be in a mess under such circumstances?

I am being offered plots of land back where I was born at prices last seen twenty years ago. I'm tempted to buy, but I suspect they will be dropping a lot further yet.

It's all so simple; debt. If you borrow, then you have to pay back. If you are paying back, then you have less money to spend going forward. By all means borrow to make more money, but who does that? Some companies, but rather a lot dont. Some people, but very few. No governments at all.

As interest rates rise, so more money has to go towards paying back money owed. As inflation rises, so the cost of living rises. Put the two together and you have a recipe for empty pockets at the end of the month, and a reduction in the number of people with money to chase house prices upwards.

As I always say, you buy when rates are high but falling, not when they are low and can only go up. Now is not the time to be buying houses. If you want to sell, that is probably a good idea. Sell and rent. Wait for the crash and then buy back in.

As for life, the future, and the good times; what can I say? Put the politicians in jail where they can't do any more damage and we'll be alright.

The USA politically speaking is going to hell in a handcart. China ought to be benefiting, but is hell-bent on wrecking its own economy and social order. The poor folks in Egypt are starting to starve because they cant get the food they need.

I wonder if there will be problems next door as well since Sudan no longer controls South Sudan, which is where their food comes from, and the two tribes hate each other.

It doesn't matter which way you look, the social and trade order of the planet is in total chaos. And to make matters worse, the USA, which is already broke, is still interfering in Europe, where it isn't wanted, and has just sent another $1.3 billion to Kiev to keep the war going.
Who benefits? The war lords. At the end of the day, Russian Donbas will merge with Russia as they have wanted to do for some time. The politicians must know that. They aren't terribly bright, but they know where the money is.

It's the same with the pandemic. It's fascinating watching the way that playbook is playing out, but as always if you want to get to the truth, follow the money.

If a member of your family dies from a blood clot, or has a miscarriage, or any of the hundreds of contraindications listed for the vaccines, you have no recourse against the company. But Wall Street firms do have recourse.

Am I serious? You bet I am. If the companies dont disclose material facts to the investors, those investors can sue if they start to lose money because of the failure to disclose. This is why the drug companies are being forced to warn investors of bad things on the horizon.

"Our revenues depend heavily on our Covid-19 vaccine", and future revenues are "uncertain". And Pfizer admits "We may not be able to demonstrate sufficient efficacy or safety of our covid-19 vaccine... to obtain permanent regulatory approval". But then anyone should have known there is no regulatory approval for these vaccines, so why anyone with half a brain would take them is beyond me. The only people I know who are currently ill with the disease are those who have taken the vaccine. The rest of us are fine.

The quarterly report to stock holders goes on to say that even if they do get regulatory approval, which at the moment is unlikely "the products may not gain the market acceptance among physicians, patients, hospitals, and others in the medical community".

Those who have concerns for basic freedom of speech should be writhing at the new bill brought in by Democratic lawmakers in California. It effectively shuts down freedom of speech and thoughts, and prevents people from uttering any views not acceptable to the lawmakers "no matter if they have scientific evidence to support them".

What is happening to this world? The Chinese morality is spreading at an alarming rate.

Maybe now is the time to sign up to that one-way trip to Mars. The trouble is, the plane won't be leaving until the mid thirties. Anybody got a better idea?

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