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Climate Change, Some Questions

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Here are the charts referred to both in my newspaper article and the Climate Change blog.

What really knocks the CO2 story on the head is the last chart, which shows how important water is in the way the atmosphere is affected.

All this leaves out the effects caused by sun spots and other solar activity, the ellipse-shape of the earth's orbit around the sun, which means the sun's energy reaching the earth varies by 30% on each rotation, and the polar tilt (the earth's wobble) which varies by 4 degrees.

Here's a chart of the temperatures of the last five or six ice ages, plus the interglacials:

The last
          few ice ages and interglacials
As you can see above, the current warm period is much lower than the last ones, and warm periods dont last very long.

Ice Cover Map

Record of high temperatures for the past 120 years  The
          Greenhouse Effect

Greenhouse effect and water vapour  No increase in

Mean global temperatures  When the North Sea was land

The correlation between warming and water vapour content is identical.

          grow bigger with more CO2  Crustacea grow bigger with
          more CO2

          energy balance

          effect of water on the global energy balance

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