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After Corona Virus -- Part Three

I have now finished my book on what is likely to follow this virus scare. It is available for sale on Amazon..... but......

I started writing this blog last friday when I uploaded my book to Amazon. However, I held off publishing this blog till Amazon confirmed the book was available. On sunday they emailed me to say they were banning it!
The reason they gave was because it was about Covid-19, and their guidelines are that one must not write about the subject.
Actually, the book's title is AFTER the virus, and is not about the virus at all, but about technology advances that will be brought forward because of the virus. The book's categories are listed as BUSINESS and TECHNOLOGY.
I am finding more and more instances of people writing anything about this outbreak being shut down, which makes me wonder what is going on here.
If there is nothing spooky behind this matter, why are we getting shut down?
I will be putting my book on my website: john-clare.com/books/
I'll upload a version with the chapter about Covid-19 removed.
You can buy a copy of the book here. It's called After the Virus: http://john-clare.com/books/Non-Fiction/index.html
It was only in there to emphasize that this was a tipping point for mass investment in certain technologies. However, have a look at what comes next.
I guess it is very difficult to shut down such an august journal as Nature.

* * * * *

The learned journal Nature just published research concerning the cruise ship Diamond Princess that received so much press coverage. The entire ship was quarantined on Japanese shores after a passenger disembarked in Hong Kong and was tested positive for COVID-19.
This was a perfect environment for analysis of COVID-19. Indeed, it was a self-contained human laboratory.
According to Nature, Japanese officials performed more than 3,000 tests. The data confirmed that 18% of those infected showed no symptoms at all.
More importantly, the case fatality rate on the ship was determined to be 1%.
Timothy Russell, an epidemiologist at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, took the quality data from the Diamond Princess research and applied it to the COVID-19 cases in China.
Russell and his team took the total number of deaths and divided that by all infections. The team included asymptomatic cases. The resulting estimated case fatality rate was 0.5%.
John Ioannidis is a professor of disease prevention in the School of Medicine at Stanford University and an expert in epidemiology and biomedical data science. He used the data from the Diamond Princess and concluded that 1% is the absolute maximum fatality rate for COVID-19 because much of the population on the Diamond Princess was elderly, thus the highest risk population for COVID-19.
He took the data from Diamond Princess and applied it to the age structure of the U.S. population. The analysis resulted in a case fatality estimate of 0.125%.
That means the case fatality rate is likely even lower than seasonal flu, which is what rather a lot of us have been claiming since the beginning of the lock-downs.
The comment from the reporter on this Nature article adds his own thoughts.
"Weve had enough of this fear-and-panic-induced crisis based on shaky assumptions. Its time to get back to school and rebuild the global economy." --Jeff Brown. The Bleeding Edge.
Well, ladies and gentlemen, the experts (and you cant get more authorative than the journal Nature) say Covid-19 causes less deaths than seasonal flu. So why is half the planet in lockdown, which is likely to cause mass hardship and wrecked economies?

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