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Crash Alert!

Usually I think the reality of most disasters is not down to any conspiracy theory, but good old fashioned ignorance or incompetence. However, this time it has to be different. Surely EU and UK ministers can't possibly be quite as incredibly stupid as this?
On the one hand we have a spat in Ukraine which, however you look at it was caused by venal ministers in that country egged on by the US, initially under president ??? The country refused to abide by the terms of the Minsk agreement, and insisted in continuing to bomb Donbas, then reneged on the Istanbul agreement. Why anyone is supporting Kiev is beyond me. But never mind that for a moment.
By supporting the corrupt Kiev government the Western powers have decided to have a go at Russia. Let's analyse the thinking behind that approach.
There are three very important issues which all governments are supposed to put at the top of their agendas: security; a stable supply of food; a stable supply of energy.
Security is being sacrificed by annoying Russia. Why? To prop up a corrupt regime? If that is a great idea then what are you prepared to pay to achieve that aim?
A secure supply of food: Russia is responsible for the export of 40% of world food stuffs. The UK imports close to 80% of its agricultural needs. How much value is attached to propping up the Kiev regime when it comes to a shortage of food?
Energy: Every country in Europe imports energy supplies from Russia. It's true that Norway and Iceland dont need those imports, but every other country does. In fact Germany imports so much of its energy that it is totally dependent for its survival on those imports. In short, without those imports the EU economies start to falter, and then seriously crash.
Let's recap. The UK and the EU are dependent upon the goodwill of Russia for their three most important requirements.
My Russian friends simply dont understand why Europe hates them so much, and I have to admit, neither do I. The time I have spent in Russia over the decades holds some of the most pleasant memories for me, especially since the fall of the old communist regime.
But let us now turn our attention to that little problem of the EU energy needs. They are graphically explained in the charts below:

Natural Gas pipelines

Just look at the sheer number and coverage of those pipelines. Stop that lot and EU industry goes down the tubes. How long would it take to set up a satisfactory set of alternatives? Apparently something like five or six years.
And we are told that if Western Europe stops using Russian gas it will harm Russia. You couldn't make up such rubbish, could you? Well, apparently a whole lot of strange people do believe just that.
Even now Russia is working on new pipelines going east, so it is possible that when they come on-stream any energy that is left flowing to Western Europe will be turned off.
The magnitude of this stupidity is mind-blowing.
Let's get a few figures for the supposed power-house of Europe, which is Germany:

Germany energy imports

Because of the squeeze that has just started, German inflation is now at its highest level since 1949, and producer price inflation topped 30% back in March. I dread to think where it is now, and where it will go when the energy gets turned off.
Here's a chart of some of the major economies' inflation growth averaged:


All the above is going to have a disastrous effect on income and living standards. Try these charts for size:

Income squeeze

Living standards

And this is supposedly mostly done to hurt the Russian economy. What drugs are these idiots on? And I'm sure you've noticed how sterling and the euro are falling in value while the rouble is gaining ground.
For once this all has to be a conspiracy theory. No-one in their right mind would believe any of the above to be a sane and sensible course of action for Western Europe to take.
We have the head honchos of the major industries in Germany screaming at the government to stop them destroying the Germany economy and the social fabric of the country. With the agricultural cut-offs and the pipe-line cut-offs which are being mandated not by Russia but by the eurocrats, Germany is heading back to the middle ages. And wasn't Germany supposed to be the power-house behind the EU economy and the safeguard of the currency?
Those of us with a modicum of brain left functioning need to ask ourselves who wants the EU to spectacularly crash, and why? The odd thing is, it certainly can't be Russia. They haven't mandated all these crazy rules? So what's going on?

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