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Endgame for Europe

There are two things I want to stress this week due to the political insanity that is hellbent on destroying rather large tracts of the world.

Point one concerns land. There is going to be an increasing problem with agricultural supplies across Western Europe. Ukraine was a great supplier of grain products, and Russia itself is a great supplier of agricultural products including fertilisers. That figure amounts to approximately 40% of the world's supply. To deliberately cut off those supplies, which is what is happening in the West, is insane. The Zero Hedge blog called the EU president's insistence that this will hurt Russia "delusional".  I prefer the word "insane". No-one in their right mind cuts off their own supply of food and then says that will hurt the provider. Pure madness.

What this means is that Western Europe is going to have to live with a considerably lower standard of living starting right now, all because the West wants to support a corrupt Kiev government that has been bombing one of its regions for the past eight years and refuses to stop or negotiate.

How does this concern land? Obvious really. If you live in a high rise apartment your window boxes won't keep you alive, but if you have even half an acre of garden, you won't starve. Better still, invest in land, its value and price is going through the roof, and it will rise much, much further.

The second point is also obvious. It's time to leave the sinking ship. The West has decided to ban Russian oil to hurt Russia. More madness. Where's the energy to come from? Russia will now sell its oil to India and China, while the EU and friends will be left buying at extortionate prices from some very dodgy sources. And that might not be the Middle East. Those countries are already doing deals with China.

Not content with that, our politicians want to stop buying Russian natural gas, so that is going to go the same way. Russia is already building the pipelines east. Once they are ready, the gas to Europe will be switched off. Nice one. The EU will now be short of food, and its industrial base will have nothing to power it. By 2023 where do you see your standard of living?

Something is odd in all this. Why are the current crop of politicians not representing your interests? I'm even tempted to believe the conspiracy theories. I usually prefer the excuse of incompetence, but surely no-one can be this incompetent!

Europe may not yet be dead, but it sure is dying. Killed by lunatics.

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