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I did mention in a previous blog entry that I had been uploading more of my music to the web. I've done a small series of songs based around the corona nonsense that we have to put up with, and which go under the titles of A Corona Christmas, and Corona Carols.
You can get links to those songs from my music Home Page:

The Books

I have also started uploading some of the songs that go with the series of novels I am writing under the title of Hello Girls. These books are about a group of girls and a boy growing up and finding their way in the world. The first book is rather raunchy, and is largely autobiographical, so if you want to have a giggle at how I was brought up by a bunch of outrageous girls, do have a read. Some of the books are already available on Amazon. Here are the links from my book page:

The Album
There are a couple of albums of songs that go with the books. The first is called Gimme The Money, and the second is For the Girls. A selection from that later album is available from my website:
or directly on Youtube:
Walking Alone
How Can You Say
Please Dont Stop Loving Me
Tread Softly
All I Do
I hope you like at least one or two of the songs.

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