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This is part of a chapter from my latest book: How to Destroy the World, and How to Pay for it

Mars is to us now what the Moon was to us in the 1960ís. Itís the next stepping stone for man to explore our solar system and the galaxy beyond.
There is a program underway to get people on Mars. Itís not led by a country, but by a publicly listed company, Mars One Ventures AG.
The Mars-One program is a one-way expedition for eight members of the public to land and populate Mars in the 2030ís. This is with the condition there is no return ticket. These eight people will leave earth to potentially be the first Mars explorers, and never come back.
Planetary Resources is another space company thatís planning on catching and mining asteroids that generally orbit the sun beyond Mars.
Each asteroid has similar natural resources that make up the Earth and most of the smaller planets.
Planetary Resources believes these asteroids are mineable and commercially an opportunity too big to ignore.
Their project is not that far away. They are working with NASA and developing the technology to land a drone on an asteroid and then have it drill into the surface.
They estimate that the asteroid known as Psyche 16 has £8,000 quadrillion worth of precious metals. What the asteroid holds is more than 800,000x greater than all the precious metals ever mined on Earth. And Psyche 16 is just one asteroid among thousands scattered between Mars and Jupiter.
Another asteroid, Ceres, has salt deposits on the surface which indicate that there may be a massive ocean beneath the surface of this dwarf planet. Researchers believe that the ocean is potentially hundreds of miles wide.
And the fact that the salt is gradually rising to the surface of the planet suggests that there is still geologic activity happening on Ceres. And, of course, that means there may be life in this subterranean ocean.
On a totally different wavelength, Virgin Galactic is closer than ever to putting the paying public into space as space tourists. And ambitious helium-balloon company World View also aims to send people into space in the immediate future (theyíre taking reservations now).
Further to that, billionaire Robert Bigelow and his Bigelow Aerospace is working on a space hotel. This will allow private individuals into space to stay at his private space station on a holiday.
Heís already attached test pods to the ISS. There are other pods in development which will form the basis of the orbiting hotel. Heís expecting it to be operational in the next three years.

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