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Panic to the left and panic to the right

Everywhere I look is chaos, fear, aggression, misunderstandings, and a whole lot of misinformation.
Usually governments are keen to keep the fear levels of a population down, but Angela Merkel set the tone early on this year when she said that 90% of Germans would catch the virus.
Excuse me, a responsible government minister does not spread panic.
Across the world we have aggression in spades from China. The stories from the country itself and from the surrounding countries is tantamount to a state of war.
The US also seems to have taken to the barricades, but then, I used to live in the USA and I always thought that mayhem was only inches under cover, and in rather too many places it was blatant.
I tend to think that a Russian threat is non-existent. Maybe I'm wrong, but too many people fight historical battles. I can understand the Baltic states fearing their neighbour (I have lived there as well), but Russia is a different country today, fighting totally different battles. (Yes, I've even visited there many times.) But we do have the pipeline problem in Germany. Most Germans are in denial over their dependence on Russia for energy. I have to admit to being out of date, but I remember some figure in the region of 40% dependence on Russian power. When I mentioned that last time I was in Germany a lady nearby looked as though she was going to hit me.
Even I'm scared. I have a list of great companies that I want to buy on the various US exchanges, but I'm too frightened to do the deals. I am reasonably sure that the whole edifice is about to come crashing down.
Where can we move too in order to be safe? The times I get asked that question.
I have to say that I can walk to the top of my garden where I can see for miles, right down to the sea. It all looks calm. I can't hear any gunfire, except for the hunters thursdays and saturdays, but even they seem quiet by comparison to former years. The dogs still bark, but then the one thing I remember above all else from southern Europe is that permanent horizon of dogs barking all night.
The birds still sing. The geckos wigwag their way across the walls. The cat washes itself on the patio. The ants swarm towards the leftovers. In fact, all is calm and normal. But open up the world of Youtube and there it all is. Chaos and mayhem in all directions.
I hate to think that the corona virus and lockdowns are all a put-up job to get us ready for a real lockdown. Usually conspiracy theories can be countered with the old fashioned retort that there isn't a conspiracy, the idiots in charge are just incompetent.
The trouble is, I am beginning to wonder. With the corona virus we have 96% of people who get the disease who dont even know they've got it, so why a lockdown at all? Just get those who are at risk to stay home. It's so obvious.
We've had drugs that control the disease within five days, and they have been available since that cruise ship was quarantined in Yokohama harbour. (No, regretfully I have not been to Japan.) And the most recent stats from the US show that old fashioned flu kills off 0.1% on those afflicted. Corona manages only half that, and so why is there any lock down at all? Pure madness.
Masks dont work. Again, the stats say the average mask has a 5% efficiency. That's close to useless. Mine is utterly useless. I'll post a video on Youtube showing tap water going straight through it. Viruses can play hockey through my mask.
Here's the link: https://youtu.be/9rfRsLQ8SCA
On planes we have to wear masks, but everyone takes them off when the food and drink comes round and no-one thinks this absurd.
I know government officials are usually brain-dead, but this is a whole new order of insanity.
Coping with my clients and their non-stop panics is a bit depressing, but at least I enjoyed loading a different kind of video onto Youtube the other day.
My son reminded me that there are moves ahead to celebrate what would have been John Lennon's eightieth birthday in October.
On the day he died I was working for the GLC, and the news of his death hit us round about lunch time. I was then also in a band called The Mockers, and we toured, released records, and generally gigged on the college circuit. I was living in West Ealing at the time, and as I walked up Avenue Road I felt a song coming on. By the time I hit the front door I'd finished it. I picked up the phone and rang our management company. They rushed us into a recording studio and we put down the song which was called I'm Sorry John.
Everybody loved it, but then came the news that there was going to be a blackout on tribute songs. It's been in the cupboard ever since, until now. If you are into that sort of thing, give it a listen and maybe give it a Like. Here's the url:

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