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Cant we Change Direction Before the Crash?

mBridge Money Transfer System

Easter 2000 in Spain

Travelling Around Spain

Money is Heading Somewhere Else

House Prices in a Modern World

Newly Emerging Housing Markets

The Summer Flowers and Cock Flavoured Soup

Is AI Coming for Your Job?

Changes are Coming. Are You Ready?

Serbia, BRICS, and the EU

What the Hell's Gone Wrong?

A Way Forward

Insulating Yourself from the Madness

The Consequences of Debt

Nothing Seems to be Working

1984 is Here Again

The End of Fiat Currencies

The Collapse Has Started

Friends and Neighbours

Blockchains to the Rescue

Housing Prices - When the Music Stops

Buying a Home and a Business with No Money

Governments Are Obsolete

Beware Fascist Governments

Can House Prices Hold Up Against Reality?

AIs Are Coming for Your Job

Quo Vadis

Roundup on 2023 - Part 1

The Israel/Palestine Problem

An Indian Summer

Autumn in the Algarve: Olives & Medronho

St Martin's Fair

Spain is Turning into Desert

Governments Are Obsolete

Moving to Another Country

What About Italy?

Gold to the Rescue?

Changing World Alliances

How to Value a House

Wild Fires

Bringing in the Grapes and Figs

Understanding the Property Markets: Part 1

More wines and wine stories

The Green Wines of Portugal

Is Mass Sterilisation the Future?

Fighting for Control
We are gearing up for an interesting battle for control: Big Tech-v-Governments

Bitcoin ETFs
Bitcoin is at last going mainstream

Survival Notes
How best to survive hard times

Dangerous Times
Where do you invest in dangerous times? Maybe you just sit tight.

A New Orange Grove
A new orange grove, and the cacti in flower

Summer in the Algarve
Some photos of the jacaranda trees in flower, plus some from my garden

What’s government supposed to be for?
Is the US dollar about to lose its status as world reserve currency?
Is the EU doomed?

Are We Heading Back to the Abyss?

Why Did You Vote at the Last Election?

Where do Lisbon Tourists go?

On the Move to Better Places

The Future of Real Estate in the UK

Money is Worthless

The Money - Fiat currencies are numbered. Are you ready for a new regime?

UK house prices are seriously over-valued. Prepare for a fall

Real estate prices are going down everywhere except Portugal

Three Beaches for Sale in Portugal

The Davos hooligans destroying the planet with carbon

Has Inflation Come to Stay?

The Seasons in the Algarve

We are still having lunch on the patio

Blue skies and sunny beaches

Why I Live in the Algarve