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Surrealism in Politics

The news these days seems specially designed either for idiots or those with a surreal sense of humour. At least the sheer lunacy of blocking oil and gas from Russia has backfired, and has been confined to the trash where it belongs. However, how one can fight a war against Russia while at the same time needing to depend on their energy sources is a piece of surrealism which historians in the future will have much to be amused over.

I'll come back to surrealism in a minute, but first an odd article about real estate sales in Portugal.

There is much delight in lauding the idea that Portugal has scored a first by being the first country to have a house sale concluded in bitcoin. It isn't a first, of course, as most of us know,, but probably is the first that sleepy journalists have noticed. But at last some journalists are beginning to notice that bitcoin not only exists but can be used for something. Well done lads, glad you've woken up. But you did miss breakfast.

Back to surrealism: Apparently the US and UK governments are advising the president of Ukraine in how to fight the Russians. This advice goes against the advice of the Ukrainian generals in the field, and so far every piece of this interference... (sorry... foreign advice) has led to defeat and retreat by the Ukrainian armies. One has to ask who's side the UK and USA are really on. Are they ostensibly on the side of the Ukrainians, but really on the side of the Russians? I can't work it out, maybe you can. And the locals are being paid. Or, at least, the top cats are being paid seriously large sums of money to do as they are told.

If you are Ukrainian and not in receipt of any of the Western largesse, you are seriously in the muck, but if you are on the sidelines, this tragedy is rapidly turning into a farce. And if you are into conspiracy theories you have a whole sequence of them to play with. You must be in seventh heaven.

Just to be on the safe side I am stocking up with essential foodstuffs in tins, and also with bags of rice. I also suspect that breakfast cereal might be something that gets into short supply when the world grain store starts to look a trifle depleted.

It's getting hot here in the Algarve, and I think three dips a day in the pool are called for from now on. In the meantime I shall be starting to upgrade parts of the Unique Property site, and also start to add a few extras. Do let me know if there are any extras that you would be particularly interested in. I'm sure you know the email address: john(at) I'm sure you can adjust that address so it works.

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