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The Big Hiatus

So, where to now?

The quiet before the storrm? I cant say much at the moment because I havenít a clue whether itís all change, or more of the same rubbish.

I cant say Iím surprised at the queenís death. I think she had started to lose interest, and at 97 I dont blame her. But that has led to a week of silence on all other fronts. Maybe by the middle of next week things will start to return to normal.

Charley on top of the pile now? Itís supposed to be no change at the top, but who knows? Once upon a time I was a supporter of Prince Charles. Despite the sarcastic comments from others, I thought he did some rather good things. But Iím out of touch. But from what I gather his popularity, if he ever had any, has dwindled somewhat.

As for Number Ten, the obvious move for Ms Truss would be to sue for peace all round. Is she up to the task? We dont need wars in the modern age. Thatís for barbarians.

The next obvious task would be to make a start on trying to get the UK self sufficient in food and energy. Food is a difficult one with such a ridiculously large population, but self sufficiency in energy is easy.
If neither of those pre-eminent tasks is undertaken Britain will start to sink into the middle ages, which takes me into this weekís main topic.

I suspect the new administration will try and throw money at the problems, which will not solve them, and will trash the currency. It will also put a large proportion of the population out of work. That will trash the property market. Already restaurants and pubs are close to bankruptcy. But who is going to buy up a flood of pubs coming onto the market, when a depression is upon us? If matters arenít sorted out by the end of this month I fear that no-one is going to be foolish enough to buy real estate for some considerable time.

What is so irritating is that all the current woes can be solved in ten minutes. All Ms Truss has to do is ring up the Kremlin and agree to drop sanctions within 24 hours and the problem is solved. Whatís the problem? Sanctions are only hurting the rest of Europe, not Russia. Dropping the whole idiotic idea will resolve matters. As for Kiev, if they want to flirt with Washington, then more fool them.

We need no panics, no money printing, no job losses, no elderly and infirm dying through hunger and cold, and normal service resumed. In short, what is needed in government is some sanity. A tall order. And if Truss cant work that out, and if she cant see what that would do to her popularity rating then she isnít the right material to be living in Downing Street.

There is a glimmer of hope with France and Germany getting together to try and persuade Kiev to get negotiating or else. As a signatory to the Minsk Agreement Truss should be joining this initiative.

The next priority is to get Washington out of Europe. They have done serious damage across this continent over the course of the last thirty years, fomenting no less than three wars. This is not the way forward. And the current interference is making us all a heck of a lot poorer, and seriously uptight. There are going to be a lot more people in the streets unless this gets sorted within days rather than weeks.

Letís hope that before we get into October some sense is beginning to prevail and we can go back to some semblance of normality. Even then we will have the debt problems to deal with. Iíll try and get stuck into that subject next week. After all, we already have half a dozen EU countries on the brink of economic collapse after a ruling by the ECB during the summer months. That is going to do some serious damage to various governmentsí ability to proceed. We could be close to a serious rent in the euro.

Iím supposed to be a property man, and the way things are going I dont know whether Iím better off with a home or the money. On balance Iím going to stick with the home. There is a big different between selling before the rout, and buying after the rout. Keep in mind those important sayings. You make your profit when you buy, not when you sell.

I think we need to sit down quietly, clear the head, and think this through. I will try to do just that starting next week.

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