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Treason & War Crimes?

Iím not sure where what follows leaves me in terms of being shut down, or being locked up, but here goes.

In previous blogs I have pointed out that the job of a government is to look after its peopleís best interests. I havenít heard that it has been voted in to help Ukraine voters.

A government is there primarily to make sure things run smoothly for the country as a whole. It should concentrate on making sure there is the means to feed the populace, and make sure there is an adequate supply of energy to keep the home fires of folks and industry burning.

Instead, I hear the government has things firmly under control and is preparing to ban guys from whistling at pretty girls. The odd thing is, all the girls I know actually like being whistled at. It makes them feel appreciated and puts a smile of their face. Perhaps those ladies who get uptight about such things should seek therapy. At least, thatís what all the ladies I know say.

However, the new law clearly takes preference over securing the countryís food and energy. Welcome to the new world we have to inhabit.

The previous prime minister not only didnít do his job, but actually went to Kiev on several occasions to tell the government there to keep up the bombing. Dont under any circumstances negotiate. That is in direct opposition to the Minsk Agreement that I understood the UK helped to broker.

What out and out lunatic tells a third rate country with a woefully inadequately supplied army to take on what is probably the best and most modern military force on the planet?

What complete numbskull deliberately works to cut off their own countryís agricultural supplies, including food itself, and fertilisers? And not content with that, makes sure its energy supply is put at risk, making the UK dependent upon the good graces of at least three other countries who cant or wont play ball.

Excuse me, but isnít there a strong case for slamming an indictment of treason on the former prime minister?

Is there now a special class of human being which is completely devoid of brain that these days goes by the name of politician? Iím tempted to say, bring back Guy Fawkes. He was obviously on to something.

Not that I want to incite any kind of violence, but the incitement to continued violence perpetrated by a former UK prime minister is, as far as I can see, a war crime.

Thank god I no longer live in Britain. The place has sunk so low it has become a pariah state. The people you vote for should not be sent to Westminster, but should be sent to a reprogramming camp.

I think Iíd better stop writing this before I get really cross.

What the new apologist for prime minister is going to do about the mess is probably throw masses of money at it after conjuring it from nowhere and trashing the currency. The common sense way out of this is to persuade Kiev to come to terms with Dombass as the Minsk Agreement directed, and then make up with Moscow, and try and learn a few basic basic rules of diplomacy. Why not start with that old chestnut of a book The Prince. Itís still on the philosophy and economics reading list at the universities, and has been for about 600 years. There is nothing in its pages about going to war with the country that keeps the food shelves stacked, and the turbines turning. I dont remember anything about banning wolf whistles either, but mabee I missed a chapter.

I will pursue the perceived fallout from this tsunami of a cockup next week. It certainly bodes well for some property situations, but I will explain then.

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