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Is the US administration trying to ban the coming elections?

This week I was going to discuss the little matter of Spain’s approaching bankruptcy, but that has become a side show after the American bombing of the Nordstream pipeline.

For the moment all bets are off. The US administration has gone into mad-mode. Apparently this was baked in long ago, but the idiots are quite capable of starting world war 3. After all, we are being bombarded with clips from a speech by Biden who claimed back in March that if Russia invaded Donbass the US would shut down the pipelines.

However, the most important issue going forward for the current US administration is not a war with Russia but a threat of war. This will give them the opportunity to cancel the november elections which the democrats would otherwise lose big time. Democrats? Big joke.

Instead of elections there will probably be martial law. I am aware that predicting the future is a mug's game, so I hope I'm wrong, but this administration is likely to go for broke on this.

Europe needs to get its act together pretty damn fast. It is clear that Brussels is all for destroying Europe with a little help from Washington. According to several sources the German government was warned of what the US was up to with regard to blowing up the Nordstream pipeline. Yet they stayed silent. Or at least they were silent when I penned this blog last wednesday. The way things are heading the whole of Europe is going to be in uproar withing days unless there is a serious volte face.

Did the US believe that Europeans would not get seriously uptight about this? How else can you view this activity except as an act of war against Europe? Manouvres by USS Kearsage on September 2 have been logged in the area of the bomb, including strange actions by a helicopter with the call sign FFAB123 which was apparently part of the mother ship’s air wing.

The rhetoric in the US is that Russia cant win a nuclear war, but then Russia hasn’t suggested they’d start one, only the US has so far done that, and done it in spades right across every US news channel.

What they forget to mention is that nobody can win a nuclear war, and very few survive it except perhaps the odd neolithic tribes in PNG, and the Amish. How is anybody else going to cope with the first wave of a nuclear attack which will probably be multiple electro-magnetic pulses (ENP). That will wipe out the electricity grid, and everything else. There will be no transport, no fridges, no cash machines, no internet or tv. There will be nothing but automatic starvation. No fighting will be necessary.

Waste of time stocking up with food. You wont be able to keep it. And you wont be able to cook it. And those of you living in high rise apartments are going to have fun when the lifts freeze.

Oh yes, and better stock up on cash before the ATMs die. Though I’m not sure where you’d be able to spend that cash. None of the shop tills will work. And dont forget to load up on matches. And if you remember I did suggest you get a horse if you want to get around after a local ENP destroys the electronics in your car.

The US is lucky, it has plenty of natural resources. And of course so does Russia. Europe is alarmingly short of those, and suffers from exorbitantly high population density. How the island of Malta is going to survive for more than a fortnight beats me. All of Northern Europe will simply go offline and starve.

The good news is the radiation may well kill off the rest of the covid viruses.

I have to ask, Has anybody thought this through? Maybe the conspiracy theories are right after all and we really are all doomed.

On the other hand, where could you go to try and survive?

Your best bet would probably be Morocco. At least they wont run out of fertiliser, and they are going to need it.

However, I dont see this going nuclear, it would really be insanity. But how long could the US put off those elections? Again, I really do have to ask if anyone has thought this through. Even the US press has coverage of those US activities in the Baltic Sea.

If there really is a nuclear war at least I get a clear view of the sunsets. And I hear they will be spectacular.

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