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Real Estate: We are seeing the first sell-outs as a result of the government's stupid plans. What did they expect from repeated lockdowns? Well, we are getting what was expected. In our pages are the first examples of hotels closing and being put up for sale. There will be more. More businesses closing down, and more people on the dole. And this is only the beginning.
This will get worse.
There are those who say "invest in land during hard times". All I can say is that you invest when you can see a bottom in the market. We are at the beginning of any falls. This is not the time to buy. I suggest you wait until these falls have worked their way through the market and then do a spot of cherry-picking.
One strange item in this week's list -- a hospital. Perhaps they aren't as full as we have been led to believe.
And that leads me back into the whole nonsense surrounding Covid19.
Music: I shall be releasing some songs into the market some time next week. Apparently I need some extra numbers before I can get them plugged. Things have changed since I used to be in the music business and we need a form of bar code for our songs nowadays.
This means I cant put up my songs until next week. I'll keep you posted.
Covid19: However, regarding Covid19, it is good news that at last we have a reliable test available. Up till now the tests in operation give false positives 60%-90% of the time, which is absurd. With results like that, what on earth is the point of testing? But with results even worse than that for masks (between 95% and 100% failure rate), what is the point of wearing them?
Here is a digest of one of the medical reports I subscribe to:
"A team at Stanford University has developed a CRISPR-based test to detect COVID-19. This one is far more accurate than the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) tests that have been so widely used (misused?) around the world.
The CRISPR guide RNA is designed to match up with a segment of the COVID-19 virus’ genetic code. When applied to a sample – say, from a nasal swab – the guide RNA seeks out this segment of genetic material, carrying the CRISPR enzyme with it.
If it does find the COVID-19 virus, the test then does a reverse transcription, resulting in COVID-19 DNA. The CRISPR-Cas12 enzyme then acts like a pair of genetic scissors and cuts the segment of genetic code it was seeking. This, in turn, triggers a reaction that creates a fluorescent color on the test.
This process takes about 30 minutes from start to finish. If the result is a fluorescent color, the person has COVID-19. If there is no color, the person is not infected.
In statistically meaningful testing, this CRISPR-based test has produced no false positives. Compare that to the 60–90% false positives produced by PCR tests."
Despite this, no doubt the false testing systems will continue to be used to dupe the public.

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