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The Dead Represesntative

I have to admit I was hoping for a resounding shift to Republicans in the recent US mid-term elections. I cant say I’m particularly keen on either party, but if I had been a voter I would have voted tactically. In other words I would have chosen R as opposed to D simply because the executive is D, so one needs the government to be R. That way it prevents too much damage from being done, and currently the US is creating mega damage on a daily basis, and on a previously unprecedented scale.

Presumably there has been widespread fraud, as seems normal these days in US elections. In terms of voting scams the country is on a par with the average banana republic, but the US always seems to manage to do things at a level far exceeding other countries, and in the matter of fraud, or just plain surrealism the US has managed to come out on top yet again.

In the past this sort of thing has been the stuff of jokes, but no longer. The good folk of one of Pennsylvania’s districts have excelled themselves in letting the world know what they think of the American governmental system. They really did vote in a stiff.
Pennsylvania is supposedly one of the most intelligent areas of the Union. It certainly has all those top class universities and other institutions, so no wonder Zarah Livingstone, a green party candidate, got the bird. But the really interesting thing is who beat her.

Here’s Business Insider on the case:
"Rep. Tony DeLuca, who died at the age of 85 on October 9 from lymphoma, crushed Green Party challenger Zarah Livingston in Tuesday's midterm elections."

How on earth can anyone live that kind of humiliation down? Anyone can get beaten. Anyone can get a really small number of votes, but being beaten by a corpse is the ultimate insult.

The US is certainly racking up some new categories for the Guiness Book of Records. For starters, how many heads of state are there who not only get elected while unable to stitch a sentence together due to suffering from Alzheimers, but two years later are still in the job?

The number of total wallies for president in the US is already pretty high, but having someone who is close to being clinically brain dead rather than just a total wanker really tops the previous record. However, this new record may well soon be broken. We’re already close to it. If the US voting public can prefer a dead man as their representative it cant be far off the time when they will vote a dead man (or woman) into the oval office.

The back-room boys pulling the strings will have to think up something better than the auto-cue for their next stooge, but not to worry, by the time of the next US election they will probably have the technology to run an avatar.

Perhaps by the end of the decade we wont need people at all, just robots, avatars, and a world squeezed nicely into a holodeck. Wont that be cosy?

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