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The Centre Cannot Hold

It does seem as though things are beginning to change. How long before the mood for change gains enough traction to change the status quo is another matter, but wherever I look it seems as though people are starting to wake up and realise they have been conned over the past few years.

In Europe people are at last beginning to see the results of the insane decisions that have come down from Brussels. The latest decision is to try and ban Twitter as it is now open to free speech, and free speech must be banned.

More and more people are claiming that the EU is about to crack up. The question is no longer about whether it will split apart, but when.  How long can the euro survive in its present form? I have always maintained that it is too used and useful for it to vanish, but so many countries are financially falling part and there is very little they can do about it while they have no control over their own finances. While finances are ruled from the European Central Bank they are stuck.

I did study this sort of thing when I was at university, but that was a very long time ago, and we didnít have such things as Modern Monetary Theory, and T2 systems back then. The T2 imbalances are well over a trillion euros already, and that can never be resolved. I cant see how the system can hold up through the winter.

We are in uncharted water financially speaking, and Europe is being hit from several quarters. First, the entire continent is effectively bankrupt. We all know that one can struggle on under such conditions for some time, but ultimately there comes a point of collapse. Realistically, that should come some time within months rather than years.

Politically the centre is controlled by a group of people who are hell-bent on power, and are determined to pursue their manic ideas even as they march into utter destruction, which they are doing with a crazed determination. The spectacle is embarrassing in its absurdity.

On top of that we have the interference from the USA through acts of deliberate sabotage, and war-mongering. It seems that at least some people are beginning to see through the confused rhetoric that all is not well. The continent is being treated by the US administration as a vassal state, and the realisation is not going down well in many countries.

Add all these points of attack together and you have a very sorry state of affairs. And the weather in the north of the region doesnít help.

Sticking with my main subject in this blog I have to repeat what I have been saying for some time. Dont take on new responsibilities. Where this is going is impossible to say, but one thing is clear, Europe is a mess and there is no easy solution. There are certainly no quick fixes available, and my consistent stance here is, dont jump out of the frying pan into the fire.