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Government by Blockchain Part 2

Government by Blockchain

When the Music Stops - House Prices Prospects

Buying a Home and a Business for No Money

Governments are Obsolete

Beware Fascist Governments

Can House Prices Hold Up Against Reality?

AIs Are Coming for Your Job

Quo Vadis
Where to Next Year? Will 2024 be better or worse?
What About Italy

What are the important issues to evaluate when moving abroad?

How to Value a House
Always be able to value your house, or a house you want to buy. But dont ask an estate agent.

When to Buy Your House
How to time the market and save money on the price, and the cost of the mortgage.

Money is About to Change

An alternative to the US dollar for international trading

Understanding the Property Markets: Part 1
Buying and selling for the right amount of money. The basics.

Fighting for Control
We are gearing up for an interesting battle for control: Big Tech-v-Governments

Bitcoin ETFs
Bitcoin is going mainstream. What does this mean for your future, and for the price of bitcoin and other cryptos?

Survival Notes
A few notes on how to organise your life to cope with hard times. Where best to live.

Reform of Ruin -- Chapter 4 A look into the Near Future
How do we cope with the probable disappearance of so many jobs to Artificial Intelligences, the widening gap between smart people and the badly educated, and the democratisation that hopefully will come from the ever increasing use of blockchains

Reform of Ruin -- Chapter 3
What’s government supposed to be for?
Telling us what to do? Sending us back to the Middle Ages?
Is the US dollar about to lose its status as world reserve currency?
Is the EU doomed?

Reform of Ruin -- Chapter 2

Government does not consist of our leaders. They are supposed to be our representatives. It's time we stopped this pernicious creep towards domination.

Reform or Ruin -- Chapter 1
This is the first installment of an analysis of the UK, and how it is doing economically, socially and politically. What's gone wrong, and can anything be done to reverse the disastrous effects of current policies? Or is the UK finished as a modern state?

Europe is a Vassal State of the USA
Europe is in deep trouble, and needs to break away from the US before it is totally destroyed.

On the Move
Where are people moving to in order to avoid energy blackouts, high prices, and outrageous governments?

Financial Musical Chairs

The old financial order is changing. The dollar is being sidelined, and the money centre of the world is moving East. At the moment every £, $, and € has roughly twenty people claiming it as their own. That's the state of modern borrowing.

The Future of Real Estate in the UK
Things are not looking good for UK plc. If you look at the country as a business, it is nothing short of a mess.

Moving to a Third World Country
Sometimes it really is a good idea to move to a third world country. Life is cheaper, and usually a lot more fun.

Retire at 31  The New Pension Scheme
France's pension scheme is bankrupt, the UK's pension scheme doesn't really exist. The French dont want to work till they are 64. The French government says they must. I say no-one needs to work past 31. You just need to set things up correctly.

The Digital Revolution  Blockchains
How is life going to change over the next five years? Everything, including the places we choose to work and play, will become digitised. This video starts the series by explaining what blockchains are and how they work, and what they can do to make our lives easier.

Using Smart Contracts
Introduction to smart contracts and how they will change how we do business.

Climate Change    Some Questions
I show charts of past interglacials, and today's situation is simply one more interglacial. I also show what past interglacial temperatures were, and they were much higher than today's. Sea levels? A four inch rise over the past 100 years,. the slowest rise since the last ice age.

How to Make More than 10% Year
You asked me where I invest to make 10% p.a. plus every year.
Here's the answer. I make a lot more than 10% on my investments. In this video I introduce you to a few of them. Making money is easier than you think. Find out how.

Ten Things to Consider Before Moving Abroad

My Servant Money
Money is your most productive servant. How to use it to help you most. Dont squander money, it can be made to work for you. Put it to work wisely.