Please note. I am not an estate agent. I don't carry a stock of details to mail out, the only information I keep is what is posted on the site. I am a finder, and make my findings available to the public, and more of them to members.

Despite the above I aim to provide a professional service, and I feel distressed when the service level drops. Please note that I am human and do get ill, or get stranded occasionally, or have my internet connection go down, which means I may disappear for a day or two. Unless I get run over or hit by gunmen I expect to be back.

Membership is for one year only. Please note I do not offer lifetime membership as some people think. After all I do need to pay the bills.

I cannot chase every property on the site, it costs me too much money. Some agents and private individuals do not inform me when properties are sold. That is regrettable, but if you find something that's sold, please assist me by emailing me and I will remove the item immediately.

Past Members' bulletins are not generally updated at all. If something is more than a couple of months old you can expect many of the properties to have been sold. Some, the more difficult ones, are probably still available. Generally I keep the links for about 12 months.

Credit Card Payments

If you choose to pay by credit card please be advised that none of your details will be available to me. You will be routed to my bankers' secure site, where your details will be given to the Visa system. I will not see those details, and the transaction will take place over a secure connection. When your Visa transaction is completed, I will merely be told your name and email address, and the fact that the transaction has been completed successfully. I trust you will not find that alarming, or be put off by the process. It is more secure than giving out your card details over the telephone, and considerably more secure than handing your card to a waiter in a restaurant. If, however, you do not wish to use the system you can email me and I can offer alternative forms of payment, including good old fashioned cheques.

Okay, hope you enjoy the site.

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