Unsolicited testimonials.....

.....from happy customers. Alright, one was a bit annoyed, but just look at why she was annoyed...... 100 telephone calls a week! Wow! You just wont get that from other property sites.

love the blog on France John

I thought that I would just drop you a line to say how much I enjoy your words of wisdom. Based on your considerable property experience, you do certainly make a great deal of sense, and it is quite refreshing, when I look at the vast number of sales emails I am sent, particularly in relation to buying property overseas.
Stephen Wright

Just found your blog. You write well and make a lot of sense. I am trawling through your past newsletters. Please send me details of how to obtain a copy of  your book and how to pay for it.
Many thanks.

It's happened at last ! I've finally sold St.James. Although thru my estate agents  'Fine & Country' , I still felt my property received a good response from your website ! Just recently at least 5 people have expressed an interest but alas it had already gone. So please could you remove the listing and thank you once again
Chris Jones

I would like to thank you for the exposure that your site gives, as I received many enquiries from around the world as well as UK. I received the asking price and would not hesitate to recommend  your site.Thanks again.
Alex McLennan

Thanks for the link to your blog, nicely written and funny!

I found your article on ‘Should I buy in Spain’ very useful. Thanks.
What is your opinion on France? Or have I missed that one.
The new website looks ‘cool’.

Just wanted to send you a quick email to say Thank you for putting our property on your website. We have had three enquiries already, one from Australia, your Unique site reaches the entire planet so we are bound to get a sale now.
Sandra Sales.

I just wanted to say a big thank you to you for having such a brilliant
website and also for putting my church at the top of your list; thank you.
The very day that you put it on, it was seen by the Scottish Sunday express,
who phoned me up for an interview the very next day!
As requested, I sent them my photographs and further information.  That
Sunday, there was a half page editorial about converted churches in
Scotland, there was a brilliant section on my church and the only three
pictures they'd printed were of my church as well.  If that wasn't enough,
BBC Birmingham phoned me up and are going to use my photos and info in a slot in one of their programmes in about three months, called 'To Buy or Not to Buy'!  Thanks again John.

Had an enquiry only yesterday. Have had lots of interest, even a story
in the newspaper, but no one seems to be able to sell their own house.

Thanks John, i have complete faith in you to do a fab job. By the way all the flattery is well deserved, you have got a way with words and your site is just great.
Thanks Miryam.

We are delighted to have sold our chateau through advertising on the Unique Property site.  This site generated far more enquiries than all the estate agents put together and John was very helpful and gave unlimited assistance throughout.  I would have no hesitation in recommending the site to others.
Lynne Brookes, Chateau Joncasses

Hi John,

Thank you very much, I am enjoying immensley looking at your finds!
If you ever have the chance to put together a West Country bulletin, that would be brilliant for me! Obviously, you must be inundated with requests, but i guess if you don't ask . . .!!
Many Thanks, keep up the good work!

I signed up for your site at the start of the year and I am finding it really useful.
Anyway, I will keep looking at all that you send and thank you for all the work that you do on the site
Best wishes

I don’t want to be a subscriber to your excellent website any more, thanks. It’s given me a lot of fun. Josie Thomas

Dear John
St Peters Church, Brixham
Please remove my listing as the property completed yesterday.
Thank you very much for a great site, you listed the church when no other estate agent would.

Thanks John
One visit last week and two more scheduled for next week – things looking up – fingers crossed. 
Hope you are well.

We have now sold The Old Cornmill and moved out so could you please now remove it from your website as we are still getting enquiries!  We have had more enquiries from the Unique website than from any other source.
Thanks for your assistance
Janet & Graham Rundle

I've just accepted an offer before Easter, but if it's OK, can I leave it on until I know the sale is done? I have been responding to a continuing 1-2 enquiries per week over the last few weeks.

Could you please remove the property that WE have NOW SOLD from your website as I do not appreciate having to answer 100+ calls about a property that has nearly completed.
Heather Willis

Thanks to you too! I've just had an enquiry for both of these from an
S.Hepworth - your site certainly works !

The leads are still flying in from your website, plus I'm receiving calls -
I'll keep you posted as soon as any pop.

I thought I would just give you a bit of an update re the station property of mine that you have listed for sale in rural Mid Wales. There has been fair interest off your site though to date no hard offer. However, there has also been interest from a freelance property journalist, BBC researcher for the proverbial ' dream home renovation' prog., and someone in Cape Town who runs a property website that has feature articles on areas of interest!
Many thanks indeed, your website clearly gets a lot of attention.
Debbie Harding

I love this site which I regularly view.
Yvonne Glover-Horne

The first person to view has made an offer and asked me to remove the chapel from your site.  Don't know if the price is too low or what, but anyway I will still send details out in case it doesn't go through.
Meanwhile I will need to send you the £15 as it was well worth it because I have had around 17 enquiries since.  I have now found your address on your home page.
Do you think I should remove the chapel from the site or could you put a sstc sign on it as this will also show people that your site works very well.
Many thanks

I really appreciate your work sending us people.

I just wanted to say that your site is one of the best user friendly I have come across, thank you and keep up the good work
Gwyneth Calvert-painter

I'm really impressed with the number of people contacting me who've seen our property on your website. Thank you for this service! I've taken a look
myself and you've done a great job with the listing.
Jean-Claude Freyche

Hi John,
it looks nice and I had already two interested visitors on e-mail.

whilst I'm emailing, I just wanted to say thanks lots and lots
for running a great site.  I was mid house hunting when I joined and i'm
now currently in the process of buying something absolutely gorgeous I
found on it *fingers crossed it all goes through!*

Thank you for your update but, please, would you remove subject property from your website.  We are getting more and more calls from magazines, TV programmes and people who are disappointed to find that house was sold in April.
Janet Hoper

Just to let you know, that after a race of 3 people after our house, someone successfully bought it! So if you could take us off your website I would be grateful.
Thank you for your hard work.
Janie Arnold

I sure like your 'terms and conditions' for members... like the humor and the straightforward, clear information. It was nice to not just see a form letter.
Jan Rodman

Just to let you know I've now sold the Chapel for £85k (best serious offer received). We got at least 2-3 enquiries a week, right up until this week.
Allen Davis

I would also like to compliment you on your brilliant website. I have passed your web address on to many other people,and they think the same.
Many thanks again,
Philip Kennington.

I wasn't anticipating newspaper coverage!!  Thanks so much.

I am thrilled with the replies we are getting from your site

I have already had 3 enquiries, quite amazing.

We have our property for sale on your website. Channel 4 have seen it there and have come to visit us. They will film our house next week for the programme: A Place by the sea.
Wow that was unexpected! Would it be worthwhile to mention this on the website somewhere?

Today a French TV company was filming us for a programme on unusual houses in the UK. They were telling us about other converted churches they found on your site and we thought maybe we should be on it too, as people searching for unusual properties or specifically churches might find us there.

For your interest we have been featured on SW television. Local papers and the Daily Telegraph as a result of being on your site and have had over 100 enquiries.
Simon Mole

Tremendous website. I'm looking for renovation properties. I am also a PAN and HPA recipient. Thats where I found you.

Enjoyed your articles how do I order your book.
Allan Connal

First of all, let me tell you that I have really enjoyed your web site and have referred it to many friends.
Mark Miller

I've been a member of your site for a good few years now, its one of a kind and well put together. In part it was responsible for my setting up my own property companies seven years ago from which I haven't looked back.

Thanks I found the site again - it's terrific.  Will join asap.

Like I said before your site has been invaluable and at the moment is turning up more enquiries than the real estate agents.
Denise Philpotts

You advertised my Mid Wales Station Property for me early last year and I successfully sold it via your website ....... well about a year ago now. So thank you. It went to a railway enthusiast.
Debbie Harding

I like the way you write! Thanks again

This one is fabulous! I'm going to make it a half-page feature. I want one!!! Thank you so much for this information. Keep them coming we love to see what you have for us each week. We also include your web details on the page too. Thank you so much. Hey, do you have any internal photographs of these treehouses?

I loved your last newsletter we need a laugh at the moment.

Getting a good few e-mails regarding St. James! So thank you!

We just felt we wanted to first thankyou for the good response we have received since putting our church for sale on your site (Stevlin Chapel, Spalding Lincolnshire). We have had several viewings and some media interest, e.g Daily Mail and BBC radio, which has been great free advertising thanks to your site.
It's a real feel good factor to know that there are still people like yourself who aren't out there to rip people off.
You take a genuine interest in helping people with the good advise in your newsletters which we look forward to receiving. They are always very informative honest and humorous.
Lindsey & Steve

Thanks for amending my ad on your unique website (Pwllheli church).
12 months on the market and zillions of enquiries have led to one offer which I have accepted
Wendie Wilson

Our best friends Lindsey and Steve who are trying to sell their chapel in Linconshire, recommended you to us, saying that you were great, we agree, thanks so much, sorry to have given you extra work but we really do appreciate it.
All the best Debs and Steve x

Your website great on the search engines when looking up unique properties.
I am just reading over some of your advice, which is very useful.

Could you please remove the Former Church, Pwllheli, Gwynedd from your Unique website. I am delighted to be able to tell you that it is now SOLD !!!!!!!!
Many thanks for showing the property on your site, the response has been massive

I’ve got house in Brixton which is part of a church conversion which is advertised on your site.  Only I keep getting people calling me who what to a church for worship, like at least one call a week.

Just wanted to let you know that thanks to your site we have finaly sold our church. We can't thankyou enough for the great response we got.
Lindsey & Steve

Had an enquiry only yesterday. Have had lots of interest, even a story in the newspaper

Your site has been excellent & I have had quite a few people contact me about The Old School.
Thanks again for the great job you do with the website.
Best regards, Jamie Crompton

John! You brilliant man! You are definitely doing something right here to get so many enquiries! Thanks as usual......kisskiss...dont get too excited

THANK YOU for the very speedy service! And it looks good.
Tropical John

Just to let you know that we need you to take both our Frome churches off your website as, due to the response from advertising through you, we have been overwhelmed with enquiries and had to fly back to the UK to organise 2 weekends of viewings. We have now accepted offers of the full asking price on both of the churches which came from the first person to see the large church and then the 3 set of people to see the smaller one (the first person who viewed also put in an offer!) All of these came through you!!!
Thank you so very much!!!
I will continue to recommend you to everybody I know!!
Becki Phillips-Long

To let you know we have now sold The Old Corn Mill that you advertised on your web site in the Mills section. We had numerous enquiries (far more than from our agents) and eventually sold it through an enquiry from your website so thank you very much.

John, I am still getting lots of enquiries about my church for sale in Dolwyddelan. It is now sold so can you please remove it from your site.
Many thanks, Pete

It's always a popular website with our team as you have such fantastic properties listed!

I think you have done wonders and this site is so interesting.

I've just been gazing in awe and wonder at the lovely properties for sale on your site! Every month I compile a page for BBC Good Homes magazine, called Special Places..., which includes two unusual UK properties for sale.
It would be great to include something from your site

Just a quick note to say great site!, I look at it loads and always mean to send
Glen Winchester

Thanks to your support we received loads of enquiries and had 3
viewings in the first four weeks - quite an achievement given our

The Sunday Mirror contacted us this week asking for permission to list Nazareth Chapel, Penrhyndeudraeth, in a side column next to their property feature on a renovated chapel this Sunday. We have given them your website address as part of our contact details- hope this is ok. Thank you very much for a great service.
Glenys Edwards

Dear John, I have had an inquiry already ! How great is that ? Thank you.
They have asked for details of our barn, just as you predicted

Many thanks John!  I have admired your site for a few years now!  How about those Russian churches?!
Best regards - Jamie Crompton

Thank you !!  Just wanted to say I really appreciate how much effort goes in to these members pages together with updating your site.  Thought about cloning at all?
Keep up the briliant work !!

Thanks for the listing looks great already had some interest via email - great

Well done old son!
You are still on the same commission rate for any sale arising from your herculean efforts.

I have loads of people e-mailing me asking for details of a property on your site,
Tracey Scher

I sold my converted church in north wales off your site about four and a half years ago

Thank you John. You are a star!

Thank you for your help in advertising St Peters Church, Brixham, Devon
It has now been sold. so the advert can be removed
T Brownen

Many thanks for putting our ad on your property site, we have had an
unexpected number of enquires from it, lots, from all over the place
including ex pats wanting to return from Zambia.