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Estonia Part 3

There aren’t many old walls left surrounding the medieval city, but just a few. Sitting on the stairway up to the walls was a musician playing a rather strange looking lute (guitar, or whatever it’s called). Does anyone know what this is called?

Street musician in Tallin, Estonia

At the other end of town was a student dressed in medieval garb playing a keyboard (is that some kind of spinet? — I ought to know these things). It looks a trifle small. Suggestions please as to the proper name please.

Street musician in Tallin, Estonia

My friend dived into the jewellery shops. This, of course, is the centre of the trade in amber. At least I do know about this. Amber is not a stone, but a resin, and some of the famous pieces have insects trapped inside the resin where they have been preserved for thousands of years. I also assumed there was only the one colour for the pieces, that golden honey colour, but no, there are various colours, including black.

Amber jewellery

Amber jewellery

I photographed the Blackheads’ Guild Hall. A rather unfortunate name, but these guys initially were a military organisation who at one time patrolled the city walls.

The Blackheads Guild

The building was completely renovated about a hundred years ago, and looks rather impressive, especially the clock.

Medieval clock

It gets tiring wandering along these old cobbled streets. How the girls manage to hobble around on six inch heels I dont know, but some of these wenches are going to end up with completely screwed-up backs before they get much older.

We tottered off to have a drink. I rather like the beer dispensers they have on the tables. This allows you to draw off the amount you want into your ale jug, and keep topping up. Nice!

Beer dispenser at your table

We then moved off to a street off the main square for a medieval meal. I rather like the menu.

Medieval menu

…to be continued


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