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The Future of Real Estate in the UK

I said Iíd have a look at the UK specifically in terms of where the place stands in the new world order. Itís not a pretty picture.

Letís look at things from a commercial point of view. This is supposed to be a blog about matters concerning real estate. If you are about to buy a property, or about to move to a different country, one of things you need to consider is whether that countryís economy is likely to hold up. If the economy is on skid row then the money markets are going to be tough. That will affect the cost of money, which in turn will effect what your house purchase will cost you on a monthly basis. If youíre feeling smug that you dont need to borrow to buy then I hope you are calculating the opportunity cost. If not, I will explain why this is important in a later blog.

If you are looking to move abroad then you need to think of your house purchase as similar to investing in a company, only in this instance youíd be investing in real estate in that country, so youíd better check out the country. For instance, if you are intending to buy a house in France then you are effectively investing in La Belle France PLC.

For a state to be successful it needs a few basic things. First and foremost there are the three basics that any country needs to have covered: security; food; energy.

Security: There are two sides to this. The first is to have a security threat, which the UK most certainly has. But the question has to be asked: is this in a form which can be used? The answer is probably No.  It may be a deterrent to anyone else attacking the UK physically. The concept of MAD ensures this. Why attack if there is a good chance that the retaliation will wipe out the aggressor?

Unfortunately I do wonder whether the whole concept of fighting battles is on the way out. The UK can be overcome militarily over the course of about six weeks with a simple blockade. (See the next two essential points.)

There is also the small matter of real battles. We have reached a technical stage in the craft of war where I believe it is impossible to win a war just by military means. Any modern war would end either in mutual destruction or a pyrrhic victory, or would never end. All three outcomes are unacceptable.

The other side to security is simplicity itself: be a nice neighbour and dont needlessly annoy your neighbours. It used to be called diplomacy. In short, you dont start weaponising things which havenít been weaponised before. Why make life difficult for yourself?

What on earth was the point of the UK annoying Russia? The actions of that buffoon Johnson in Kiev and Istanbul were tantamount to a declaration of war on Russia. Why do that when the country depends for most of its energy and foodstuff from Russia? A few years ago it was a very friendly country. It even applied to join the EU and NATO. President Bush (another buffoon) rebuffed that. And presumably what followed was also dictated by Washington. The US government couldnít have Europe cuddling up to Russia. Why do you think they keep starting wars in Europe? Itís all down to the US governmentís obsession with control.

Maybe this is the time to ask if the UK electorate has at any recent point voted to become a dependency of the USA?

The security situation can be summed up very simply. It would take a foreign power roughly six weeks to blockade the UK into starvation. Iím going to give that aspect of the countryís basics a zero.

Next comes food. The country relies on imports for approximately 80% of its agricultural needs. That means the country is woefully at risk, and clearly is vastly over-populated. It also means the agricultural sector and the fishing industry are woefully under-supported. This is a problem that will persist as long as the UK keeps kowtowing to the EU, which is concerned to keep the UK dependent. Fancy people whose food is dependent upon foreigners seeking to give the food they do have (fish) to those very foreigners? Mad! Totally mad!

Hold on, whatís going on here? The UK is dependent upon Washington regarding defence, and the country is teetering on reliance on the EU for food. Doesnít sound too wonderful to me, especially as the EU is a province of the USA in all except name.

Doubt that? You have to be going through life with your eyes shut. The US bombs international infrastructure, half of which belongs to Germany, and the German politicians not only let them do it, but accept what is clearly an act of war.

How can I give the UK any more than zero for the security of its food supplies?

Okay, since we have touched on Nordstream letís turn our attention to energy. Without access to cheap and reliable energy the modern way of life regresses to that put up with by folks way back in the middle ages. Wind power isnít consistently strong enough to deliver anything remotely like even a base load power source. It wont power any kind of large scale industry, or the accoutrements of modern living. Solar power in the UK is a fairyís dream. The UK has industries that require energy to function relocating to India and China as I write this. And that is a policy for the benefit of the British taxpayer?

My wife and I were ardent supporters of the green life way back in the early seventies. In fact it was the two of us who started the revolution of recycling, which has now spread across the whole of Europe. We started it off in North-East Somerset. It took me two years of pestering civil servants in Whitehall to run a pilot recycling scheme which proved so successful and profitable that it was eventually rolled out across the whole country. We started with a small scheme, collecting bottles for a cullet recycler in Bath, and newspapers for recycling at a unit in Wookey.

I even tried to harness the power from a small waterfall at the bottom of my garden. Positively medieval. You cant run a modern economy this way. You need reliable power, not the kind of power that kept a fourteenth century economy tottering along but only if nature was kind. Also, do remember that in the fourteenth century the climate was a lot warmer than it is now. (I write this as Southern England is blanketed in snow in the middle of March.)

The US Department of Energy reckons that by 2035 the US will be able to support 38% of its economy on renewable energy. So you shut it off now? We already have the state of California telling its residents to stop using their electric cars because the grid cant handle the load. You cant make up this stuff, itís surreal. Oh yes, and California is under several feet of snow as well. No doubt what the wonks call more global warming.

Oddly, the USA is self sufficient in energy and doesnít need to behave in this way. Itís the same in the UK. The country has enough energy within its borders to survive very nicely thank you, so in theory the country gets 100% on that one, except that the government in its infinite wisdom upsets its main supplier, and now has to rely on vastly over-priced supplies from the USA, which is running out of supplies itself. All the while the UK refuses to develop the home-grown energy sources. So what should come out as 100% actually has to be yet another 0%.

A zero rating for each of the three central requirements for a safe and prosperous country. The only takeaway from this brief analysis is that governments cant be trusted with anything, and that investing in the UK has to be a mug's game.

As I say, you couldnít invent these scenarios. Itís all too surreal.

If we now move on to the less fundamental aspects of British life we find that the bad news just keeps coming.

70% of foreign exchange comes from the banking system in the city of London. Those of you who are ardent EU fans do remember that the EU intention is that all that financial expertise should be centralised in Frankfurt. The day that happens the British economy sinks into oblivion. Not a problem if the Brits dont have to import energy. Not a problem if the Brits dont have to import food. But, dear friends, they do have to import both, and without the foreign exchange there wont be any money to buy either. And what will the poor folks do then?

Ok, those of you who love the EU, please answer that question. It doesnít matter to me, I left decades ago, but it is depressing seeing people committing suicide.

I could go further into this, but this is supposed to be a ten minute blog. Those of you who live in the UK, or depend upon its economy to support you should be asking yourselves whether you are living where you are treated best.

And do remember when the ghastly reality of the green agenda gets really into gear life is going to be even harder without all the power sources you have been used to. In other words, are you going to be treated well in the UK in the future?

Quite recently another business in the North-East closed down due to the Green restrictions. It moved to India where it opened up producing the same products but this time using cheaper coal to power the machinery. Result? More unemployment in the North-East of England, more money spent importing the goods that were originally produced in England with the attendant extra costs and the extra transport required, pumping more carbon into the atmosphere, and the goods are now produced using a dirtier power source. All that in the name of the Green agenda.

You guys are ruled by a bunch of total idiots. I happen to think itís worse. By my definition they are guilty of treason.

I said it in one of my songs, ďThe Freaks are in ControlĒ. Presumably you guys voted them in. I hope youíre pleased with the way things are going. All I can say is; Not for me.

Oh yes, I almost forgot: The property market. Unless there are massive changes seriously soon, UK real estate as an investment will be history. The people living there will be living in penury if much more damage is done to the City of Londonís banking system. Remember that figure: it produces 70% of the UKís foreign exchange. And that, if you remember, is needed to buy 80% of the UKís agricultural imports, and most of its energy. So you can say goodbye to that as well.

The lunatic Johnson has made sure that London is no longer a safe haven for gold deposits as he weaponised them. Now rather a lot of gold will be leaving those vaults for safer places in the future, and with the future hard currencies being based upon commodities, the countries with no apparent commodities will be stuck with toilet paper instead of real money.

Iím sorry guys, but unless there is a massive change in the UKís political stance Iíd advise you to leave pretty darn soon. Another five years of the same and you wont have a country to save, and your real estate will be garbage.

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