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I am currently running several  blogs. They are not all concerned with real estate.
I am still posting the real estate blogs on the Unique Property site, but I am also using Substack, and my Youtube channels for posts on a more varied set of subjects.

Real Estate Blog
This is the original Unique Property blog. The index can be found here.
Letters from the Algarve
I do spend time living in Spain and Portugal. These are notes from life as it happens in this part of the world. Here is the Algarve index page.
My Youtube Business Channel
On this channel I try to work my way through current financial and political problems that are affecting the way we live and plan for the future. Here's the channel home page.
My Youtube Poetry Channel
This channel is my substitute for gigging, which is the one thing I do miss. Here's the channel home page.
The John Clare Substack Channel
   There are various sub-sets to this channel, but  a comprehensive index to the contents can be found here.