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The Unique site:

The Unique site has been up and running in its present form now for over twenty years. However, we did start even earlier than that in a more fun way. In one form or another we have been on the web since 1992, which makes us the oldest property website on the planet.

  • We get about 3 million hits a month on the site. That's a lot.
  • We get about 30,000 individual people entering the site every week. That's a lot of people looking at your ad.
  • The Unique site gets a lot of coverage from the media.

If your property is unusual in any way, that's news value.
Do have a look at the page of emails from folks who have used the site and written in to say how happy they've been with the service.

You will note they have received write-ups in national newspapers, been filmed for t.v., and not just in the UK. Our ads get coverage all over the world, from Australian tv to flashy magazines in Tokyo, Dubai, Toronto, and goodness knows where else. The coverage is so large that I cant keep up with it. You get access to all that for a mere £87. One of our competitors charges more and gets only a fraction of the media coverage that we do.

There is also a very important reason why people get results from the Unique site. If you advertise through the mega-sites like PrimeLocation, or RightMove your ad gets lost. You cant see the wood for the trees on such sites. In fact many times would-be advertisers have asked me to pinch the material from one of those sites to form the basis of their ad with the Unique site and I often cant find the ad to pinch the material.

I cant guarantee you a sale, but I can guarantee you massive media coverage. Your property will get before the eyes of just about everyone that might be interested. Have a look at the list of some of the magazines, radio and tv programs that have covered properties on the site. There have been countless more that I dont get told about.

Also, have a look at the search engine results. Every one of our pages is in the top five returns for the two major search engines. In fact several of the pages are listed at both Number One and Number Two!

In terms of visibility and reach we are very very good.

What should you send me?

The people who advertise on the Unique site supposedly have unique properties. And, as my partner way back used to say, "we have unique homes for unique people". That means you need to get rid of any preconceptions concerning selling your home. Get rid of the rubbish that estate agents write. If there are fabulous views, dont tell me, just take a photo so we can see. No-one wants to know that something is "deceptively large". Just show it.

I dont like putting in little things like "there is a passageway to a set of stairs leading onto a balcony". I'm not keen on room sizes either, unless they are unusual. If a bedroom is 12 x 14, okay, jolly good, it's a bedroom. If it's 28 feet long leading onto a 40 ft balcony then do tell us.

I will only put up five pictures. They will be approximately 300 pixels wide (you can see how wide that is by looking at the pictures already on the site). I dont want the text to take up more space than the pictures do, so that should give you an idea of how much to write.

Two things are important in your pictures: First, we really do need a picture of the house in its setting. Just a picture of part of the house from the back yard is not good.

Secondly, we need a picture showing the view from the living room or the main bedroom (if it's a good view). Try not to give me pictures of large expanses of wall. It's dull, and wont sell your home. You want to make it look attractive. A nice kitchen helps, but dont send a picture of a worktop and a row of cupboards. All kitchens look like that. Unique ones dont. If your kitchen isn't special, dont photograph it. Pictures of beds are boring. All bedrooms contain beds. And move the car before photographing the front of the house.

Have a look at a site I did for my neighbour to give you some idea how you can present your home.

Okay, everyone doesn't have such a fabulous home, but........ move around with your eye to the viewfinder and try and find the magic places to present your home in its best light. It's your pictures which are going to sell the place, and attract the press. TV programs want to feature houses which look good on the silver screen.

How much does it cost?

Club Rate: For one simple ad you will be charged £87 for one year on the site. You can send me a text file of up to 250 words in a .doc or .txt format, and five pictures in gif or jpeg format. You can keep the ad on the site for a year. I would hope you have sold by then, but if not, you can pay a small 'retainer' of £25 to keep the ad on for another year.

VIP Rate: For a fee of £127 you can have your ad as normal, but in addition your ad will be added to a rotating banner that will display a cut-down version of your ad on the top of every single property page of the Unique site (nearly fifty pages).

Website Rate: For a fee of £250 I will produce a full website for advertising only your property with links to it from the main ad. I will produce up to 3 pages similar to the example for £250. Extra pages can be added for £150 a page.

Estate Agents: You guys are on average taking about 2.5% of the sale price in commission. You dont have the shop window that I have. But you can use my shop window. I suggest you only use it for the occasional unusual property that arrives on your desk. I will charge you £150 for displaying one such property on the Unique site for up to a year, £350 for an unlimited number of properties, also for a year. If you wish to rotate properties on the site I charge £25 admin fee for each rotation. Thus, you could have four properties on the site over the course of a year, one at a time, rotating once every three months for a total cost of £225.

Here are the options available.

Single listing £150:

Unlmited listings £350:

Rotation charge £25:

It's not just this site that gets seen, it's everywhere else when magazines the world over, together with newspapers and t.v. programmes, pick up the properties listed on the Unique Site and syndicate the information.

Now, that's coverage!!

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