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Portrack House, Scotland, and the cosmic garden.

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Portrack House, Scotland

A garden whose unique architecture is based upon modern physical theories.

Charles Jencks and Maggie Keswick created this garden in the nineties.

Below are the Snail and Snake mounds and the Slug Lakes.

There is a representation of a dragon with its head projecting into the water to become the mouth of a water dragon, whose own body was formed from a ribbonlike stream and fishtail ponds.

slug lakes

The terrace is designed to portray the distorted space around a black hole, where gravity bends light to nothing.

The Black Hole

The Galactic Seat is constructed out of similar but not identical shapes.

Galactic Seat

The Gate of soliton waves:

Soliton waves

The human senses encased in a double helix, with a hand representing touch, a pair of giant silver lips, representing taste, an ear, representing hearing, and including a female head and brain set among quivering fingerlike attennae to represent intuition.


The Universe Cascade ascending up the evolutionary ladder from the quark soup at the bottom:


The Jumping Bridge: Inspired by Chaos Theory, which posits the strange and often seemingly insignificant events which trigger massive changes in the design of things:


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